29 October 2006

Long time no veg

Hello All

I am now starting to dig my lottie over for next year and starting to plan where I think the new raised beds will go ready for next year.

I am digging up all the remains of any veg left over from the summer, keeping any onions or garlic and storing the potatos that are appearing from no where.

My veg has all but finished now except the leeks and spring cabbage.

I am in the process of moving house and hope to be able to keep the lottie going for at lest the next year and will try to get one closer to our new house if one is availbale about March, which is when the clsoer site to our new house lets them become available.

Anyway hope to hear from some of you soon

Yours Doidge

2 October 2006

Hello again campers

Hello all

just a quick post

I have been on holiday this week to Jersey and have seen some lovely gardens and walked past peoples allotments and they are very well kept makes me very envious of what they are doing. We will see how much I can improve my allotment with the ideas I have picked up.

Yours badrill