16 August 2009

giving up

Hello all

I have decided to give up my plot, over the last 3 months I have only been down there 3 -5 times. My health has not been very good. And so the plot became over run with mares tails and bindweed so I just gave in my key. Although I have left the door open as i have said if one of the diasbled beds becomes available I would like one

So it was with deep regret I had to give up the plot.

But that doesn't mean I have stopped.

I have a small area at the back of my shed at home. It was a rockery when we moved in, but it has become a dumping ground. So today we got some of the old wood we had lying around the garden and doubled the size of the area. We made an edged raised bed and intend to use that for the time being. We have planted out some of our tomato plants that are still in pots. They should do okay there. it is sheltered and get the sun for most of the day.

I will post photos soon

25 March 2009

Digging the plot

Well at last the weather is good enough to do some work at last.

As you can see we have started to plant stuff in the Lottie

We planted 2 rows of lettuce, 2 rows of radishes,a row of beetroot and a row of kohlrabi. We have lots of seeds in the conservatory and the green house with more being done as you read.
Broad beans and peas are being started off in the greenhouse whilst chillies and flowers are in the conservatory.

The weed suppressant has worked a treat and has saved a lot of time being spent on weeding thus giving more time for digging the plot. We will use this again next year.

Simon has dug over bed which had nothing in it last year, and since this photo was taken he has done the bed behind him as well. So now I can get on and plant my potatoes and peas and beans soon. Easter weekend will be a good time to do this as we have time off work and can spend a day down there. The shopping bag is there to collect the mares tails in. That way we don't have to forget to take them home and burn them.

Here is my new compost bin, I am just waiting for the wind to die sown so I can move the old one over and turn it at the same time. The secretary of the site built it for me and painted it so many thanks to him.

So after a couple of hours at the Lottie with Simon doing the hard digging slog he is tired and just wants to go home and have a Chinese delivered so he can rest from his labours

Well done him.

Anyway peeps I must go now as I have lots to do.
Happy digging and sowing to you all

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21 February 2009

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All on the move

Hello All

Well it seems that we have some sun at last and so I have been down to the Lottie. When I get down there I find that things are a foot. The allotment I share is being split into 3 which I have no problems with as the person who will be sharing the plot with me is a person I have known for about 35 years.

It means I get to lose 2-4 foot of mine but I don't mind, as I have not been able to fill my whole Lottie anyway in the last 2 years. Due to ill health, bad weather and Horseradish (which i cant get rid of). So at least I have less to fill and someone who can help me do mine at the same time.

But not only did I find out that the Lottie is being split but that the compost heap has got to be changed. Health and safety are saying that metal cannot be used on the first 4-6 feet of the Lottie in case children hurt themselves. Again I have no problems with that. But It does mean that the bin can be moved.

So from the photo below you can see where the compost is being from and to. The Secretary of the Lottie is going to help me build a new one as I have no idea as to how to do it. But we are considering making an extra 2 bays so I can turn the compost or store the other bins and water barrels there.

The best bit is that the compost has not been moved for 5-7 years so it should be really good for my beans this year

From this one you can see how far the path is moving. Again no problems to me

All I have to do now is re do my beds and edging and then we are set to go for the new year.
Hear from you all soon

11 January 2009

What a lot to do

Hello All

As you can see there is not much doing here this year. I have even considered giving up, but I will be giving the Lottie another year to see how we go.

I am going to be putting in some Fruit bushes here and move the Rhubarb from in front of the compost bin. The compost in there has been there for at least 3 years so it should be very well rotted by now. So I think that it needs turning over so by moving it I hope to do that at the same time. The rhubarb will love the compost as will the runner beans.

We covered the plot in the autumn to stop the weeds resurfacing so early. Lets hope it has warmed up the soil as well.
We have so much work to so this year I don't where to start. it was a difficult year last year, with not really good health, lots of extra hours at work and the bad weather. It's really made me very despondent and I didn't know whether to carry on or what. But as I have said we will give it another year.

Anyone in Lottie land got any ideas on how to pick yourself up and get on with the work.

Anyway I must stop being so down hearted so I will go and think about looking at some seed catalogues

Yours Mim
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