25 March 2009

Digging the plot

Well at last the weather is good enough to do some work at last.

As you can see we have started to plant stuff in the Lottie

We planted 2 rows of lettuce, 2 rows of radishes,a row of beetroot and a row of kohlrabi. We have lots of seeds in the conservatory and the green house with more being done as you read.
Broad beans and peas are being started off in the greenhouse whilst chillies and flowers are in the conservatory.

The weed suppressant has worked a treat and has saved a lot of time being spent on weeding thus giving more time for digging the plot. We will use this again next year.

Simon has dug over bed which had nothing in it last year, and since this photo was taken he has done the bed behind him as well. So now I can get on and plant my potatoes and peas and beans soon. Easter weekend will be a good time to do this as we have time off work and can spend a day down there. The shopping bag is there to collect the mares tails in. That way we don't have to forget to take them home and burn them.

Here is my new compost bin, I am just waiting for the wind to die sown so I can move the old one over and turn it at the same time. The secretary of the site built it for me and painted it so many thanks to him.

So after a couple of hours at the Lottie with Simon doing the hard digging slog he is tired and just wants to go home and have a Chinese delivered so he can rest from his labours

Well done him.

Anyway peeps I must go now as I have lots to do.
Happy digging and sowing to you all

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