4 August 2008

My Holiday

Hello All

I thought you may like to see some of what I have been doing whilst not on the Lottie.

I have been to the Lake District recently and where were staying had a community garden.

As you can see they have a wonderful setting in which to garden. It is on a fairly steep slope and has a lot of acid soil areas but they have done a fantastic job of changing a field into a lovely garden or Lottie. They had a bee hive and several chickens. About 400 metres away they have a beautiful waterfall and grounds in which you can sit and reflect on the quietness and peace of the place.

It was worth the walk up the steep slope to see the lovely garden and sit and rest .

Late in April I was helping mom do some wedding flowers for a friend and they turned out extremely well. The bride was extremely happy. Tell me what you think?

The last 2 photos are just there so you can see nature at its utter best

1 Simple buttercup and a beautiful sunset over the North Cornish coast.

Hope you like them

That's what I have been doing whilst not on the Lottie; what have you been doing in your free time?

Yours Miriam