14 April 2007

More work done today

Well hello again Lottie world

I have been working hard again, lovely weather and still too hot for me, but they say we have this sort of summer coming or maybe even hotter. Not good for me then. Not much fun for me in the sun any time of the year.

Anyway I have marked out 4 beds with string and started to dig one of them over. The hubby saw the photos and wants to know why I am putting stuff in beds. I don't think I will tell yet. The advantages, more stuff from the plot, less weeding, can sort the work before you go to the Lottie and so more accomplished in less time. Why should he think I am not doing enough work. Hehehehe

I put in a new path along side the previous fencing . This should divide the six beds when I have finished doing the beds. There are 3 beds about 7 x 4 foot wide. The last one is 7 x5 foot. There is a 1 foot path between each bed. I am going to use the larger one for the cabbages and sprouts etc. I have started to grow and as they take up a lot of space then I did a bigger bed for them.

I have started to dig over the 1st bed and weed that one. I am not sure what I am going to put where, but I now have the framework for my deep raised bed at the Lottie I only need to put it together and then plant it up with the carrots and parsnips. I know they are a bit late gong in but they should be in before the end of next week. We will have to see what happens next week with the weather. I will need to use a drill so I need to charge up the battery before I can use it. Enough of my ramblings again.

This is my mom as you all know, she looks very fetching in her green gloves and lovely hat. But the sun has been very strong today and she needed it to keep her cool even though she loves the sun. Someone on the Lottie said she looked like she was going to the Queens garden party with that hat on.

Anyway tea is calling me so I need to go and start it soon

Happy Digging Mim

13 April 2007

More to do than time to do it.

Hello again Lottie people.

Hope then weather is being good to you.

I have been busy at the Lottie again. Now I have planted some sweet peas and some sunflowers on my plot.
I planted 8 sunflowers and I hope they will do me well again this year. They have always been reliable for me. We have to think about the birds and the bees and giving them some food don't we.
As you can see the broad beans are coming on and they have been attacked by something or other but they are still coming up The flowers have started to form and so I will leave them for a while to see what happens to them.
My sweet peas are coming along very nicely even better than the real peas, so we will have to see what happens with them. I have started some more peas in the greenhouse and we will have to plant them out as soon as they come up now. Time is pressing on.
This is just 2 of the inherited Rhubarb and I reckon another 2-4 days and it will be ready for picking.

I have a long day ahead of me at the Lottie on Saturday with weeding and digging and more planting to do before it is too late to get anything else in. 2 more ranks of spuds to put in and my raised beds to finish off makes for a long day tomorrow.

That's all for now Lottie folks