26 November 2007

The Miracle has happened

Hello All

The miracle has happened the Hubby has arrived at the Lottie.

He could not understand why I wanted his picture, so I told him I always take the camera to the Lottie with me in case I see anything unusual and this counts as 1 of those times I think.

Well he got stuck in digging for about an hour and then it got too dark so we came home. The tatties I had put in for Christmas have not done any good at all. In fact we have none anywhere.
Here is the strange sight of the hubby on the Lottie.

Whatever will I find next?? Alan Titchmarsh in my shed!!!!!!! Yes please. Even better still Sven Wombwell. He is so cute.

Here is my new planting area. I have put in the broad beans Aqua........ whatever I can't remember the name.

Talking of water does anyone have any ideas for a small pond. I have never done one before and could use some advice on all aspects.

Anyway I will go now

Yours Mim