29 August 2006

Photos at last ...........

At last some photos have been pbtained from the Lottie and the Dad's camera. As you can see the sunflowers are doing well and so are the 2 wigwams of runner beans. I tried 2 methods for them this year. The wigwam and the normal frame I used last year. The wigwam has proved to be the better options for me this year.

The leeks have been transplanted to thier final growing position and will stay there now until they are dug up.

Again the sunflowers are doing very well as they are all self seeded from last year. Not as tall as last year but still dwarfing others on the site. If you look carefully you will find a bee on this one.

The other sort of flower doing very well this year is the Cauliflower. Last year they all bolted and peaked too early. This year they appear to being very well. They taste lovely aswell.

Anyway I hope to see or hear from some of you soon

Yours Doidge

25 August 2006

Hello on this bank holiday weekend

Hello all you happy people.

Well today I picked my first corn and Cauliflower and large carrots. There are not many items left in my lottie at the moment so I am starting to plan the winter things. I am also trying a large pot for some late carrots and hope to keep off the carrot fly.

All my cauliflowers are doing well and so is my broccoli and the purple sprouting is not purple or sprouting very much yet, but we are not worried. I am hoping to get a green house as a combined birthday and Christmas pressie as they are only 1 week apart.

Thinking about Christmas already I hear you say. Yes and some of my pressies have already been brought. We are hoping to get them all before the end of September.

Hope to hear from some of you soon.


19 August 2006

Just A Quickie

Hello All

No photos today as I am very busy trying to buy a new house and keep the allotment going. So I have been very tired and too shattered to write very much.

I hope that everyone is getting along well and not lost too much because of the ridiculos weather we have been having.

Hope to hear from some of you soon