26 January 2008

New start 2008

Today is the first time since November I have been the Lottie for about 6 weeks .

I lost my keys over Christmas, and only found them when I got back to work. The weather has been awful like most of the country and that has prevented my return until today.

When I arrived I expected to have to deal with a lot of wind damage but found that the only thing that had blown away was my compost bin lid. Which someone else had found and so I got it back.

When at the Lottie in November I planted some broad beans and when I looked at them today I found that they have already started coming up and 1 was already in flower.

The 1 in flower was the one I found growing where the spuds had grown last year and we thought we would try and keep it. Looks like we may have done the right thing.

Today we planted another 2 rows of broad beans and we hope they will do as well. Come the end of Feb we will plant Bunyard's Exhibition ones as they don't like frost .

Again, we also planted some more pansies and some heather I had had in the garden and we will see how it comes on over the next few months. The small daffodils we planted last year also have some green leaves and mom thinks it also has some flowers ready to come on them very soon.

Down one side of the 4 beds in the middle of the Lottie we have planted some bulbs of various sorts. I found a lot of bulbs left over after plating up my own garden for the spring and so I have mixed them up and planted unknown bulbs.
I look forward to see what comes up.

At the Lottie today we meet our neighbour and he had a lovely spade which made light work of turning over the soil. It appears to be spring loaded at the back. If anyone has any idea of what this tool is or where I can get one from I really would like to know.I had a go and so did mom and we both liked it as it would be good for people with bad backs and knees, like me.

The work over we took some purple kale of Broccoli back for tea and I gave it to mom as she had done a lot of useful work today.

Anyway, it its time I went and did my tea and sorted out what I am planting for the next season.
Happy Lottie time