21 February 2009

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All on the move

Hello All

Well it seems that we have some sun at last and so I have been down to the Lottie. When I get down there I find that things are a foot. The allotment I share is being split into 3 which I have no problems with as the person who will be sharing the plot with me is a person I have known for about 35 years.

It means I get to lose 2-4 foot of mine but I don't mind, as I have not been able to fill my whole Lottie anyway in the last 2 years. Due to ill health, bad weather and Horseradish (which i cant get rid of). So at least I have less to fill and someone who can help me do mine at the same time.

But not only did I find out that the Lottie is being split but that the compost heap has got to be changed. Health and safety are saying that metal cannot be used on the first 4-6 feet of the Lottie in case children hurt themselves. Again I have no problems with that. But It does mean that the bin can be moved.

So from the photo below you can see where the compost is being from and to. The Secretary of the Lottie is going to help me build a new one as I have no idea as to how to do it. But we are considering making an extra 2 bays so I can turn the compost or store the other bins and water barrels there.

The best bit is that the compost has not been moved for 5-7 years so it should be really good for my beans this year

From this one you can see how far the path is moving. Again no problems to me

All I have to do now is re do my beds and edging and then we are set to go for the new year.
Hear from you all soon