16 June 2007

My new lawn yippee

Hello All again

This week I decided that as my Lottie is a disgraceful weed filled mess I would let you see what we were doing last month over the 2 bank holiday weekends.
As you can see we have done some work on the garden. When we moved here in Dec the garden was a mess, lumpy, clods of grass and full of weeds. Where the greenhouse is there used to be a very big playhouse which was recycled to a friend for their children. It took 3 days to get the earth cleared and level. We actually used a weed killer that we got from the allotment shop that seems to have stunted the Horseradish for a year.

We knew we wanted some flower beds and so we put 2 in we did them like a diamond and just guessed where they should go; they appear to be in the right place, and the same shape etc.

We went for a diamond shape as it was not the same as other people. It was quite difficult to get them the same, but it looks nice from the window. They have been planted up since they were done in May, and so they look much prettier now, I just haven't taken a photo yet.

As you can see the lawn has been laid and is looking quite good here. Even though it looks small the lawn is 16 foot across minimum and about 65 long. so it is not that small. If only we could all look smaller in photos that would be wonderful for some of us.

Anyway I hope you like the photos. Next time I promise it will be the Lottie.

Signing off for now.