27 July 2007

Hello Again

Hello All

Some new just in we got a Green Pennant award this week for the Lottie site.

We also got the results of the allotment competition; I did come last but 1, so what I have plenty to aim for next year.

The best bit about it is though I beat the couple who got me the Lottie into last place. Who cares we only did it for a laugh. The Lottie site got the prize for the best allotment for over 50 plots prize though.

Hear from you all soon

11 July 2007

Weeds have gone part 2

Hello again

Look what we found under all those weeds

Sweet peas growing very well this year I got none last year and this year they are doing better on the allotment than in the garden.
The cabbages, cauliflowers and sprouts have all been eaten by the pigeons but they are still trying so we are giving them some more space, and we have planted the courgettes and marrows at the end of the bed so we have some more stuff in for the competition judging this weekend.
The corn has done well, it was only put in 4 weeks ago before all the rain and the wet weather appears to have done it good.
The broad beans have done very well and not too many black flies on them this year so I will try them again next year but I will plant more of them and try putting some in the ground directly in Oct/Nov.
Look we found the spuds and they are doing fairly well considering the blight that is plaguing Britain at the mo. we are going to put some more in within the next 2 weeks so we can have some for the winter. I have done it before and they are really nice dug on Christmas Eve and then eaten on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.
This is a photo of the Lottie from the same angle as the 1st photo in Part 1. Can you see any real differences?
I hope the hard work pays off and we get some good pointers and suggestions for what we can do next year to improve.
When I get some feed back I will let you all know.
Until then we will keep weeding and growing

Weeds have gone part 1

Hello Lottie World

We went down the Lottie on Saturday and this was the sight that greeted us. We got there at 9.30 and didn't get home until 5.00 in the afternoon
Weeds were everywhere and they were worse than expected. It took all day to just weed.
But when I have put the Lottie in for the local authority allotment competition I could not leave it like it was.
The potatoes are supposed to be here, but where are they. We may find out later.
Here you can see mom and Val working hard. Come Aug they will both be pensioners. Val already is mom has a couple of weeks to go. Just goes to prove that you are not too old to have a Lottie.
Here are me and Val after all the hard work have been done we are getting ready to go home and get some rest. In my next blog you will see what we uncovered in the Lottie after we did all the weeding.

See you soon