27 May 2007

Weeding started and stuff is growing

Hello Again

I told you all I would be back. Anyway I spent 2 1/2 hours at the Lottie weeding, Mom and my friend Lyn came and gave a hand so 80% of the weeds I wanted to move have been dealt with.

Yesterday before we weeded you could not see the 4 beds I put in 2 moths ago. Now we can see the empty spaces. They are starting to be planted up. In the foreground of the photo you can see the 3 lines of green twine tied onto the blue wool. They are only there to show where my seeds are planted. 1 row of Purple Carrots, 1 Early Nantes, and 1 row of Beetroot.
The potatoes are coming up nicely and we are going to try planting some more before it gets too late. They should then be ready for Christmas we hope.

As promised here is a better photo of the Nasturtiums. They are in full flower and looking very nice as little bit of colour until the Sweet William comes out fully. Alongside them are the lettuces and they are doing very well to compete with the weeds and 'Mare's Tails' ( The bain of our lives.)

Next we have the peas. Again they are competing with the weeds but they have grown about 2 feet since the last photos and already have peas on them. I cam considering sowing some more and see how we go towards the late summer for cropping from them. They are a pretty sight for sore eyes and look really healthy. No pea moth around them at the mo, unlike the last plot.

Whilst we were at the Lottie yesterday, we decided to harvest the Rhubarb and so Lyn decided to get the best and we caught her in the act.

Any ideas what is being said or done. All captions gratefully received.

Anyway I must go as I have a Rhubarb crumble to make.

See you all soon


26 May 2007

More work not done

Hello All

Long time no work done. These photos were taken a month ago, but I did nothing with them as We were too busy laying a new lawn in our new garden and trying to sort out some flower beds, which I still haven't finished planting up yet Since then we have both been really poorly as so had to just go to work, come home and then just do very little.

So I thought I would let you see the photos from the beginning of the month and then let you see the new ones took today in about a weeks time.

The Lottie has grown lots of weeds and the horseradish is still coming up and it has moved. We are trying to get rid of it with some success from where it was growing last year, before we had the plot.

Anyway, back to the photos

This is the best broad bean plant I have in the plot. They were started in Jan in my conservatory and then put n the plot in Feb. Everyone said I was mad putting them in so early as tender plants. But look at them now. Everyone on the plot said I would loose them and I haven't; in fact I have added to them and I should have a nice set of broad beans, which I will freeze for later on in the year.


These are just 3 of my lettuces that I planted in the latter days of Feb and they seem to be doing fine. There are these 3 left after the real torrent of rain we all suffered. But I wont be disheartened as there are more seeds for me to plant and we can start again.
Here you can see my Nasturtiums. They brighten up a very dull corner of the Lottie and it is a real pleasure to see them growing and give some other colour apart from Green. Green can be boring on it's own some days. But on other days it is the bet colour in the world
Here we see my Pea and bean plants. They are doing very nicely except for the weed growth. The peas have some lovely white flowers on and are doing very well.

For those interested I managed to get some butter beans and they have germinated and are doing better than my French Beans at the moment. They are still in my greenhouse and I will not plant them out until we are getting some very hot weather.

This my Lottie taken as we were leaving on the afternoon after laying the lawn at home.

So it would now be a good time to say goodbye.

Until next time