11 January 2009

What a lot to do

Hello All

As you can see there is not much doing here this year. I have even considered giving up, but I will be giving the Lottie another year to see how we go.

I am going to be putting in some Fruit bushes here and move the Rhubarb from in front of the compost bin. The compost in there has been there for at least 3 years so it should be very well rotted by now. So I think that it needs turning over so by moving it I hope to do that at the same time. The rhubarb will love the compost as will the runner beans.

We covered the plot in the autumn to stop the weeds resurfacing so early. Lets hope it has warmed up the soil as well.
We have so much work to so this year I don't where to start. it was a difficult year last year, with not really good health, lots of extra hours at work and the bad weather. It's really made me very despondent and I didn't know whether to carry on or what. But as I have said we will give it another year.

Anyone in Lottie land got any ideas on how to pick yourself up and get on with the work.

Anyway I must stop being so down hearted so I will go and think about looking at some seed catalogues

Yours Mim
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