19 November 2006

Hello Again lottie people

I hope you can see that all my hard work atweeding has still not paid off and we still have a lot of work to do.

As you can see we have made a good start on sorting out the weeds at the front of the lottie and by the time you read this all of the lettuce stalks and sunflowers are down and so are the beans.

Here you can see the only 2 crops we have left on the lottie. 2 lots of winter and spring cabbages and the leeks are just behind me to the right.

Other allotments on the site have more veg and some stuff already planted for next year, we are having to wait a month or so before we can really make any headway as we are planning a house move. But when we move our new garden , which we will have to start from stratch is about the size of the lottie, so we may be looking at getting a smaller lottie closer to where we will be moving to.

So watch this space. We will not be giving up on lottieing as we really enjoy eating the friuts of our labour, just dont always enjoy the hard work.

Hope to hear from you all soon