16 August 2009

giving up

Hello all

I have decided to give up my plot, over the last 3 months I have only been down there 3 -5 times. My health has not been very good. And so the plot became over run with mares tails and bindweed so I just gave in my key. Although I have left the door open as i have said if one of the diasbled beds becomes available I would like one

So it was with deep regret I had to give up the plot.

But that doesn't mean I have stopped.

I have a small area at the back of my shed at home. It was a rockery when we moved in, but it has become a dumping ground. So today we got some of the old wood we had lying around the garden and doubled the size of the area. We made an edged raised bed and intend to use that for the time being. We have planted out some of our tomato plants that are still in pots. They should do okay there. it is sheltered and get the sun for most of the day.

I will post photos soon

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sheila said...

So sorry to hear about your health and how you have had to give up your plot. Take care and hopefully when your health is restored you can take up a plot again